Let's look at the most influential Swing States for the 2020 US Election.

We'll list them and share live predictions for each based on the most accurate source. Not polls, but betting data.

The betting data shows 12 states to watch:

  • Arizona
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Iowa
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • New Hampshire
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Texas
  • Wisconsin

Swing States: Live Predictions

In alphabetical order, we'll show you all the swing states and their live probabilities.

Remember, these graphs are LIVE and update any time the market moves.

Bookmark this page and you'll know each state's exact probability.


11 of the last 12 elections have been Republican but it's trending blue.


The famous swing state was instrumental for Donald Trump in 2016.

Biden has the lead but we think Trump will evenutally win his home away from home.


16 Electoral Votes at stake, and Trump beat Hilary by 5.2% in 2016.

We're betting he holds on by a slimmer margin in 2020.

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They voted for Obama and Clinton. And even Al Gore.

But Trump won by a landslide in 2016. How will Iowa vote in 2020?


Trump collected the 16 Electoral votes by 0.2% in 2016!

But they voted for the Democrats in the six previous elections.

The betting data says this swing is nearly a lock to the blue team.


The last 11 elections have been won by the Democratic Party.

New Hampshire

Hilary won by 0.4% in 2016.

The betting data says the margin will be bigger for Biden in 2020.

But Americans Can’t Bet On US Elections, Can They?

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North Carolina

A fascinating coin toss with 15 Electoral Colleges votes on offer.

Trump won easily in 2016 and the voting history is comprehensively Republican.


They've voted Clinton, Clinton, Bush, Bush, Obama, Obama, Trump.

They like back to back terms. Will Trump prevail?


Trump triumphed in 2016 but the previous six elections were blue. If Biden can't win his hometown, he probably can't win the election.


Texas is comprehensively red. But can the fleeing Californians vote in Biden at big odds?


They voted for the Democratic Candidate on the previous seven elections, before choosing Donald Trump in 2016.

US Election Odds

Now that we've looked at all the battleground swing states, let's look at the US Presidency probabilities.

Trump vs Biden:

How Are These US Election Odds Created?

It doesn’t rely on biased opinions or inaccurate polls. It exclusively relies on The Wisdom Of Crowds from people trading on Betfair.

That's people all over the world betting against each other. Swapping opinion with weight of money. There's no better source.

Across all the markets, up to $1 billion USD will be traded on the US Election.

You will not find a more accurate data source for 2020 US Presidential Election predictions.

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