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What an insane market. We share the details below, but essentially, we plug into the Betfair API and get their data. Over $700 million USD has been traded. And the market hasn't even settled yet with Trump yet to concede.

Are there recounts on the cards?


There's been serious money matched on Donald Trump since Biden's celebratory speech.

The market is absolutely not convinced this is over.

Check out the movement from Election Day below.

Plus look at the movement over the year.

Data From Election Day/Week

Trump vs Biden 2020

And here's the data since March:

What a crazy market hey?

There's been more twists than Fight Club and The Usual Suspects put together.

Trump, Biden, Trump.

Biden, Trump. Biden.

What was our prediction?

We went real heavy on Joe Biden. Not out of any Democratic affiliation. We choose green(backs) over blue or red.

But the sportsbooks haven't paid out yet.

The decision is still hanging in the air.

2020 Swing States

We also shared betting odds on the 12 Swing States.


We backed Trump to win his favorite golfing state.

And what about the states that dragged on and on?





Again, check out our Swing States page for all of the markets. North Carolina and Ohio are fascinating battlegrounds, and it's always good to see what Texas is up to as well.

2016 Election Reflection

Trump was a 20% chance (4-1 odds) when voting started.

After Hilary had some early momentum, Trump's chances drifted out to about 9%. Then he stormed home, winning the White House in a historic upset.

That story hasn't been forgotten by anyone. And the polls were even more in Hilary's favor than the betting odds.

However, let's not forget, Trump was never a 0% chance at any point.

20% at the start of the night. That's 2 out of 10.

Or 20 out of 100.

That's about our field goal percentage when we're shooting from NBA 3 point range. There's plenty of airballs and bricks but we'll bank a couple in too.

As we know, Trump lost the popular vote but he had some incredibly narrow Electoral College wins.

Michigan by 0.2%.

Pennsylvania by 0.7%.

Wisconsin by 0.7%.

And that's how you get the W when you're 4-1 odds.

But Americans Can’t Bet On It, Can They?

Not true.

Sportsbooks are definitely banned. But there's one place that circumvents the rules. Much like the President elect.


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2016-2020 Election Betting Odds

Want to see all of the probability movements since Donald Trump defeated Hilary Clinton? Check out our Election Betting Odds over the last four years. We're showing you every outcome that was 5% or better during that time frame.

If there's too many outputs then 'click-off' the other politicians that you want to hide from the graph:

How Are These US Election Odds Created?

It doesn’t rely on biased opinions or flawed polling. It exclusively relies on The Wisdom Of Crowds. Which means everyone's opinion is given weight.

It’s all aggregated on an international betting exchange called Betfair.

And there will be over US$300 million traded on the 2020 US Presidential Election.

People who bet on these markets use:

From Trump lovers, to Trump haters, to the undecided. It's all factored, filtered and given weight by real money.

You will not find a more accurate data source for 2020 US Presidential Election predictions.

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