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Trump vs Biden 2020:

Top 3 Chances: Election Betting Odds

As you can see, Joe Biden is the clear favorite to win the 2020 US Election.

Uncle Joe has been the favorite since June 2nd 2020.

Since then, Trump's probability has gone into free fall.

Let's not forget that the POTUS was a 60% chance in February, before Covid-19 had spread across the country. #BlackLivesMatters and refueled racial tensions haven't helped his re-election campaign either.

However, the fight isn't over. We have several months for Donald Trump to recover and the Republican party to realign.

Unless there are some unforeseen circumstances, we're expecting the Donald Trump probability to shoot back towards the 40-45% range. It's highly unlikely he'll return to favoritism in November but you can't count Trump out. And some of the probability resistance (arguably his odds should be worse) is there because no one forgets about the historic outcome in 2016.

Trump was trading as a 10% chance on Election night before winning the title in a monumental upset over Hilary Clinton.

A new mover in the market is Kamala Harris. She's the third most likely person to be the next president.

You know she's Biden's VP pick, and when the main candidate is 77 years old, it increases her chances of finding the top job.

2016-2020 Election Betting Odds

Want to see all of the probability movements since Donald Trump defeated Hilary Clinton? Check out our Election Betting Odds over the last four years. We're showing you every outcome that was 5% or better during that time frame.

If there's too many outputs then 'click-off' the other politicians that you want to hide from the graph:

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It doesn’t rely on biased opinions or flawed polling. It exclusively relies on The Wisdom Of Crowds. Which means everyone's opinion is given weight.

It’s all aggregated on an international betting exchange called Betfair.

And there will be over US$300 million traded on the 2020 US Presidential Election.

People who bet on these markets use:

From Trump lovers, to Trump haters, to the undecided. It's all factored, filtered and given weight by real money.

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But Americans Can’t Bet On It, Can They?

That’s true. If you live in the US, Presidential Betting is banned.

However, expat Americans living all over the world do bet on it with Betfair (and their local bookies). Plus there are a bunch of pro punters who bet on political markets too. We’ll leverage their independent predictions as the November election approaches.

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