Who Are You?

There's a 96% chance you're a dude. Probably 21-50 years old and living in the US.

Although, if you're in India, Europe or Australia etc, you'll still enjoy our elite sports betting models.

You love sport and enjoy betting on it. Unlike plenty of pickles out there, you like to do a little homework.

You come to Bet Refinery each day to bounce your bets off our models' outputs.

Or you just want to know exactly what to bet on with spoon fed expert tips. We got you too.

Now, onto us. Who are we are and why should you give Bet Refinery any of your scarce attention?

Who Are We?

Based in Australia but we've got a space in Brooklyn when our Prime Minister lets us travel again.

Our mission is to share the knowledge that we've accumulated in the last 20 years in Australia. We want to provide betting models across all your favorite sports and we want to teach you some simple tricks to help you win more. Think staking strategies, odds comparisons and bonus bet use.

And here's some of the team:

Jason Wong

Jas is one of the world's sharpest sports betting data scientists.

You can read how Jas left his quant position at a bank, and successfully modelled a sport he'd never watched!

He hasn't looked back, turning full time professional in 2016. Meaning his exclusive (and healthy) income has been sports betting.

Here's a slightly pixelated Zoom interview between Jason on behalf of Betfair:

Jonno Lowe

Equally as sharp, with a lot more time on the court, has been Jonno Lowe.

The Aussie statistician started modeling sport while at University.

He started with tennis and had people climbing the walls for his outputs, so he opened the paid service Sportpunter in 2003!

Talk about an OG. The man has been living off hig winning models largely ever since and we're so thrilled to share some of those on Bet Refinery.

You can still sign up for his NBA Totals package HERE though. It's unique to the NBA Predictions Model we have on site. Though ours is also lethal.

Here's one of several videos with Jonno online, talking about his experience in the game:

You can also see him discuss the closing lines HERE.

Our Models

What separates us from EVERY OTHER GAMBLING CONTENT SITE is that we are legitimate winners. We make incomes from this game, which puts us in the 2%.

And we even share some of the sports betting models that we use to beat the market.

We're always adding to our content inventory, but right now, our Models are: