We use data to create predictions.

They might be to tell you who will win an upcoming Election.

Or who will win the next sporting event.

For the US Election, for example, we visualize the live betting data. So you know the exact probability of who will win between Trump and Biden.

For sports predictions, we use all the betting data. And we overlay that with the most important player stats from that sport.

Our golf model for example, uses 15 years of data to predict the winner for each upcoming tournament.

Who Are We?

Based in Australia but we've got an office in Brooklyn when our Prime Minister lets us travel again.

One of our founders, Jason Wong, is one of the world's best sports betting data scientists.

He turned full time professional in 2016. Meaning his primary (and healthy) income is sports betting.

Jason is in the process of creating prediction models for all your favorite betting sports.

The other guys in our team have been betting even longer

Who Are You?

You love sport and you don't mind a wager on it. You'd rather win, than lose.

There's a 96% chance you're a dude. Probably 24-45 years old and living in the US.

Although, if you're in India, Germany or Australia etc, you'll still enjoy our insight on sport.

You want some smart tools to bounce your bets off before you place. A sense check.

Or you just want to know exactly what to bet on. Spoon fed expert tips. We got you too.

We want to give you a community of sport bettors that you can shoot the sh*t with and share your wins with.

Now, onto us. Who are we are and why should you give Bet Refinery any of your scarce attention?


With decades of combined experience, we're here to help you with sports betting 101 and 201 education too.

From betting guides to avoid common mistakes. Or just working out the betting language terms like moneyline and parlay.